This is an Invitation To Come to Majestic World Lodge & Retreat to Hunt our Majestic Elk and Red Stag in the Beautiful Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania.

    Elk are known as the most majestic animals in North America.  For centuries these half ton Monarchs have been sought after by hunters from all over the world.  We are very proud of the quality of all of our big game animals, but especially our North American Elk.

    Our large members of the deer family display record antlers and beautiful manes that will make your elk the most impressive trophy you can acquire.  Elk are prized throughout the world for their meat.  They are especially preferred by chefs and connoisseurs because elk venison is the "Cadillac" of all wild game meats.

    Majestic World Lodge & Retreat offers each year a limited number of quality trophy elk hunts at a reasonable price and they include 4x4 and up to 8x8 bulls.  You can stalk our wary bulls in our rolling Allegheny Mountains or call them into your stand during the September/October rut.

    When you come to Majestic World all you need is a good rifle, bow, cross-bow, handgun, or muzzleloader.

    You can hunt a SCI record animal with us because we manage our wildlife in a professional manner in order to provide the best opportunities in North America.  You need to experience Majestic World's big game hunting during the fall foliage when our mountains are in all their color and  glory.                                 


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